SIRE: Sieger Arco v.d. Filzen "V"
DAM: Siegerin Asta v. Bruckberg "V" rs ms sil W sss spurl tot
DOB: 2/29/1948

Breeder: Max Baumier
Owner: Franz Sachse

WCA Hall of Fame 1990

The third of the Harrasburg "B" litter to arrive in the U.S., Burt had all the qualities one could wish for in a Weimaraner. His superb conformation made him a Best-In-Show dog. Birdy and intense, he hunted with his master, retrieving birds from the water in the Alaskan snow. Gentle and obedient with his owners and friendly with strangers, he was never aggressive with man or dog, but protective and willing to back it up if needed. An excellent sire, he produced 19 champions, some outstanding field performers and was the grandsire of Best-In-Show Ch. Graves' Rogue.

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