SIRE: Grey Wynn Bad To The Bone
DAM: Ida Augusta von Horn
DOB: 3/25/1994
Breeder: Marilyn Horn
Owner: John Goldstein

WCA Hall of Fame 2007

Jesse was a dog who brought style and run to the breed. In his career he was the top All Age/Gun Dog for five years, from 1997 - 2001. He accumulated 1,995 WCA points in 102 placements and won 12 championship 1-hour stakes. In 1998, he was the first dog in the breed to win all three broke dog stakes at the WCA Eastern Field Classic. He competed in both American Field and AKC events. Jesse was invited to the annual AKC Gun Dog Championship twice and was the first Weimaraner to place in this prestigious event.

Three elements coalesced to make this Field Champion. First was owner John Goldstein who recognized the promise of his dog and his duty to the sport to give his protégé every opportunity to reach his maximum potential. Second was trainer Scott Beyer who brought his charge along methodically to preserve the style and intensity that came to be this dog's trademark as well as the dog's absolute love of retrieving. Then there was Jesse, flowing as he moved like a fine race horse, devouring the ground beneath him regardless of the venue, Jesse was always intent on his mission which was to find birds. He was a bird-finding machine.

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