SIRE: Mile Hi Bandit v Gip
DAM: FC AFC Qizef's Grau Geist Marlene, FROM
DOB: 6/30/89
Breeder: Richard Wilber
Owners: Richard & Mary Wilber

WCA Hall of Fame 2013

At two weeks old Lily was found exploring the house after escaping from the whelping box. Four weeks old and she dove into the koi pond to chase the fish. Six weeks old, on our first trip to the park, she took off for a treeline a quarter of a mile away. She was finally caught, wet and muddy, chasing the ducks.

These were just a foreshadowing of things to come, for unlike her mother Legs, who was VERY serious about everything, Lily approached life as an exciting adventure whether it was a trip around the block or a road trip to a trial on the east or west coast.

She would take the lead in her mouth and guide Mary through the exercises at obedience class.

Lily loved trialing, and was successful in AKC, American Field and NSTRA, winning 90% of the stakes she entered and placing in 95%. She is the only amateur bred, owned, trained and amateur handled dog to win the National Open Championship. Her ten offspring earned six Field Championships, an Amateur Field Championship and won the National Field Futurity and Open and Amateur National Field Championships.

She introduced countless people to the joys of hunting with Weimaraners through her appearance in six bird hunting shows for ESPN. Around the house she was never a "Queen", but ALWAYS a "Princess", slept in the bed, and greeted every new acquaintance as an old friend. Though her years with us flew by far too quickly, she lived her life with a happiness and joy that knew no bounds and not a day goes by that I do not think of her and miss her. Her legacy is not just the genetics she gave to the breed, but to the lifetime of wonderful memories she left to all who know and loved her.

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