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The Weimaraner Club of America (WCA)
sponsors many activities and programs, and it provides a channel of communications for members. One of its pioneer achievements was the development of Rating Tests for hunting and retrieving, later adding the Versatile ratings and the Bench Register of Merit (BROM) and most recently, the Field Register of Merit (FROM). Annual events include a National Championship Field Trial and sectional Field Trial Classics as well as a national meeting, a National Specialty Show and a Winter Specialty. The Weimaraner Magazine, published monthly since 1949, reports ongoing activities, show and field trial results, and other topics of interest.                                                                             
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Living With A Weimaraner
By Carole Lee Richards

Weimaraners are the perpetual two year old – loveable, active, loyal to a fault, and with the attitude, “It’s all about ME!” While I love them, I have to utter the time worn phrase, “They’re not a breed for everyone.” But since there is no breed of dog that can live up to the universal wants and needs of all dog owners, the Weimaraner is a wonderful choice for many people.                                                                Read More


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